Okay, folks. So we’ve got the official go-ahead from Nancy Thomas to scedule a week-long “INTENSIVE” program at my family’s farm for three families with RAD children, tentatively in February or March of 2011. This would entail very intimate, personal and intensive interaction with Nancy and her staff counselor (James Durmesnil) to the tune of three+ hours per family per day. It would also include respite care 24/7on the property. Meals, linens, activities included. You just bring your family (and clothes)!


This is not just a camp … although those are great, too … because camps split the time/attention between upwards of 12 families, whereas this is limited to only three.


Because we have some 9-10 months of advance planning, you could divide the total cost into monthly payments (or make a down-payment and wait for your tax return next Spring). I can be somewhat flexible to try and meet everyone’s financial needs since there would only be three families to work around.


I cannot say anough positive things about the incredible impact that Nancy Thomas and her training has made in MY life. She is a gifted encourager, educator and edifyer and EVERY family with a RAD child needs her in their court. The cost to fly her and her staff here from Colorado is very steep, even with me donating all of my own time and energy. I initially cringed … yet I believe with all my heart that the cost is justified by the tools, training and support the families will glean.


I don’t know whether CPS or DFCS or whatever has funds to help families in crisis (at least for special needs children adopted from the state agencies). If anyone knows, I’d appreciate you passing that information on.


Space is LIMITED to only three families for the intensive program.


I am also planning on scheduling a two-day seminar with Nancy Thomas immediately preceding the intensive program. March of 2011 looks most promising right now. Cost for the seminar would be $100 per person; families attending the intensive could attend the conference for only the cost of respite provider(s) on those two additional days (divided up by however many families/children required care — i.e., 1 to 3 families attending the intensive). “Regular” childcare can be provided for all other families (not attending the intensive) for a fee. In other words, the children of families scheduled to attend the intensive program will be cared for on the farm property by persons trained in managing RAD children; the other children will be cared for on the conference grounds (five miles away) by regular babysitters.