Spring bloomed late this year on the Farm.  We have two darling lambs that are being bottle-fed, one Nubian doe (milk goat) in milk, and one ready to deliver her kid(s) any day now.  Two new horses are scheduled to arrive on the Farm in the next week or so, also — a magnificent Tennessee Walking Horse gelding who was lovingly rescued and trained by Tanya Kiselyova and a dead-broke Belgian-cross mare whose withers (where her neck meets her back) are just an inch shorter than the top of my 5’6″ head!

There are a few cabin rental slots still available this month.  Bring your children for a unique experience in the finer aspects of farm life!  Mention this blog for 10% off!
(Note: we’re still learning how to update the websites, but please check out www.godscountryfarm.com)
Have a blessed day!