Woo-hoo! We have narrowed the dates down for a two-day seminar by Nancy Thomas, followed by a week-long “intensive” for three families in desperate crisis. Right now, we are looking at:


    Thursday-Friday (March 3-4, 2011) = seminar

    Saturday-Saturday (March 5-12, 2011) = intensive program


    The “intensive” program is limited to only three families with a RAD child. Each will be housed in a private, furnished log cabin on the 50+ acre property with 24/7 therapeutic respite available. Nancy Thomas and her chief counselor, James Durmesil, will stay onsite as well and will provide all activities/therapy/interventions/etc. Each family will have at least 2-3 hours of personal/private counseling with Nancy and James each day of the intensive. The program is similar to Nancy’s “camp” program … but even better because there will only be three families to divide her time and attention, rather than 10-12 families. So each family will indeed receive very “intensive” intervention by a world-renowned and noted expert in the field of attachment disorders.

    As you can imagine, with only three openings for the intensive program, space is obviously very limited so please act now. One of the benefits of being approved now for the program (eight months in advance) is that payments can be drawn out over many months, which may help in these tough economic times. Our goal is to offer scholarships for any “excess” amount collected from tickets to the two-day seminar that exceed the cost incurred therein. However, it is unclear at this time how much in scholarship funds (if any) will be available to reduce the cost of the intensives.

    The seminar and intensive will be hosted in Blairsville, Union County, Georgia at the GA/TN/NC border — about 90 minutes from Atlanta and about two hours from either Chattanooga TN or Asheville NC.

    For more information, please call me at 706-897-4237 or email me at Christy@respiteretreat.org

    Thanks … and may God bless you as richly as He has blessed us!!!