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    Things have shaped up nicely for the Nancy Thomas seminar in March of 2011. We have negotiated Continuing Education (CE) credits for psychologists, social workers, and mental health professionals including counselors and marriage & family therapists, in a wide number of states, including GA/FL/TN/NC/SC and others through Psycho Educational Resource, Inc. (see — so we have the potential to draw attendees from a wide area. I have contracted with a large facility that can accommodate upwards of 400 people. We hope to be able to grant some scholarship funds for the families attending the Intensive program the following week. Professionals can receive a $25 discount off registration if booked on or before the end of November.

    This seminar is ideal for persons living with or ministering to children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and other attachment issues, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Bi-Polar, Autism, and other emotional disturbances. As a former Therapeutic Foster Parent, this training was the single-best tool to equip my husband and me to parent troubled youth.

    I am also delighted to announce that the “team” committed to work on the week-long Intensive program with Nancy Thomas and her Clinical Director, James Dumesnil, from March 5-12, 2011, now includes two extremely experienced and qualified respite providers from North Carolina (Susan Ward and Sandra Hayes) who will be on-hand to provide respite 24-hours a day throughout that week. Both ladies came highly recommended by Dr. Bill Goble, as well as Fawn Bradley (Beatitude House). I could think of no greater failure on my part than to host the Intensive ill-equipped for the intense feelings that are sure to surface — so the support and commitment of these respite professionals is an immensely positive element and I am privileged to have them join the team. Several families have inquired about the Intensive but we have not extended any definitive invitations yet. If you are in (or know of) a family who would benefit from intensive, one-on-one intervention and counseling with Nancy and James, please contact me or Nancy’s office immediately. There are only three family openings for that program.