Wow. I’m a skeptic by nature and this product is not “cheap” so I had very mixed feelings when I dove into the Accountable Kids purchase ( … especially because I have five children. When I received the box, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the wooden pegboards and the cards themselves; read the book from cover to cover immediately, chose the chores I wanted to assign each child, and hung the boards/cards up in plain sight. Five stars (our of five) for quality materials and workmanship — but in the scheme of things, $165 on just a few pieces of wood and a smack load of cards would have been a colossal waste of money. Thankfully, there is so much more to this system!

    First morning, my eight year old son Caleb marched downstairs, studied his board by himself and methodically went through each of his morning chore cards, returning to flip each card as he completed it and then moving on to the next. Did I mention he did it BY HIMSELF?!? Glowing with pride at my delight!!! This little boy is a darling with a heart of gold but until we began using this program, he was very belligerent about his chores and responsibilities. His chores were never done unless I was standing right there hovering over him … and even though, only with a complaining attitude. His four and six year old sisters followed his lead with their Accountable Kids pegboards and all three have been extremely responsible and accountable for their own chores. The older teenagers have embraced the system, too.

    Now that alone would have made this product an extraordinary one that every home should engage. But in addition to our own biological children, we are currently providing therapeutic respite for an 11-year old boy with serious emotional and behavioral issues. Incredibly, the Accountable Kids system has worked wonders with this child, too. So well that we are buying another kit for him to keep at school to help remove some of the conflict there and return the ball to his court, so to speak, in terms of responsibility and accountability. We’re buying another “back-up” kit for any additional child that might grace our home, too.

    When you do the math, you’ll realize that our investment in this program now approaches $225.00 including shipping — which is a huge chunk of money. We have already reaped priceless returns on that investment! If you know me, you know that I am extremely frugal. Living in a very rural community, we are grateful for my husband’s job earning just-above-minimum wage since both of our businesses have suffered catastrophic financial losses in this tough economic climate. Notwithstanding (or perhaps because of) these facts — despite the initial financial investment, I wholeheartedly recommend Accountable Kids to EVERY family. It is important that we parents invest time and energy … and prudent money … in our children’s emotional health and development. I cannot think of any other product that has made such an impressive return on our investment as Accountable Kids.