Wow. I’m so excited!!! I feel like the little boy with the starfish, out on the beach, taking time and care to pick up one doomed starfish on the sand to throw it back in the ocean so it wouldn’t die. (You know the punchline: the old man snaps that the little boy is wasting his time, as they survey the beach’s expanse and see thousands of dying starfish stranded in the sand. The little boy retorts that “it makes a difference for this one” as he tosses the starfish in his hand back into the life-saving water.) I wonder if Nancy Thomas feels like this every day.

    Yesterday, her office called me to advise that the first of three families invited to attend the week-long Intensive here in March has confirmed their intent to do so. I’m just a nobody, with a great piece of family land and some great cabins that gives Nancy and her Clinical Director, James Dumesnil, the place and space to conduct this Intensive program. But I’m so PUMPED that I’ve had even a wee part in helping this family survive — and hopefully thrive. It’s been a daunting task to take on this responsibility and many times I’ve doubted the rationale of getting involved with such financial responsibility. God calls us to be obedient to His plan and the devil takes every opportunity to discourage and dissuade us from that. I praise God that I’ve been stead-fast and that others will be equipped and encouraged by Nancy and James because of that.

    A second family is motivated but is working on arranging the funding. We were once extremely close with that family … best friends for many years, but distanced since. Words cannot describe the privilege it is to be able to host Nancy here in our home so that she and James can help these families heal (with God’s grace and ordination, of course).

    Each family has a twelve year old child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (“RAD”) — the first a girl, the second a boy. Please start praying for them now … as well as the last family to sign on, and the scores of people who will attend the training seminar.