Oh my goodness, my world may have (somehow) just gotten BUSIER.  There are discussions about Nancy Thomas and James Dumesnil offering a “mini-intensive” of two to four days from 02/26/11 to 03/01/11 before the seminar on 03/03/11 and 03/04/11.   IF  that is finalized, we already have two families in discussions to attend.  How humbled I am by the opportunity to host Nancy/James here to help these families heal!  (But that means I could have company in less than a month!!!)   Thank you, Lord, for your amazing provisions in this blessed land, the cabins, & the relationships we’ve developed over the years!  We pray diligently for the families who will attend all of the activities we are planning and that You, the Most High, will be glorified through all of our work and obedience!