Okay, folks.  I have only heard from one person who needed childcare for the NT seminar, up until this morning.    I deliberately scheduled the seminar on a Thursday and Friday so all of the local children would be in school.  And all of the professionals that are coming to the seminar want to attend the seminar themselves.   They don’t want to be providing childcare for others.   Myself included.  Nancy has not been to Georgia in five years and I want to soak up everything she has to teach me, too.  But childcare is a very real predicament for some of you.

So I contacted the director of the Mountain Learning & Child Care Center  and asked if she was able and willing to step in to provide childcare on her facility premises, about five miles away from the seminar site.  She said she could accommodate a significant number of children — WITH AMPLE ADVANCE NTICE — and agreed to waive the $40 enrollment fee for those parents.    The daily drop-in rate is $27.00 per child per day — $54.00 per child for both days.  The facility is a nice one, with ample room, activities and supervision.   However, she must know in advance if you will be needing childcare so she can call in extra teachers, if necessary.  

Enrollment form is attached:   NT – seminar – CHILDCARE enrollment form for Mountain Learning