I have had so many questions about this lately — and so many exhausted families calling and emailing about the Nancy Thomas seminar and intensive — that it seems “time” to confront the issue of alarms. 

We have a twist on the standard alarm when we’ve got a disturbed youth staying with us and want to share it with all families affected by RAD or autism; it works better than any other alarm product I’ve ever found.  Having been through many hours of Nancy Thomas training/seminars, we were sold on the concept of a door alarm.  However, we spent a small fortune on one brand after another, only to be outsmarted by the teenagers.  Once they knew we had an alarm on their door, they went to incredible lengths to defeat and disable it (or deliberately activate it).  It became their obsession.

We finally resorted to a “wandering alert” alarm intended for Alzheimer’s patients, bought at www.mrchime.com.  It has a SILENT transmitter that we position outside the child’s door AFTER he/she has gone to bed … and a separate receiver that chimes in *our* bedroom when the child has opened his or her door.  Ideally, the child never knew we had an alarm.  They just knew that every single time they tried to roam, we were at the foot of the stairs in the shadows asking what they were doing.  They thought we were super-human and never slept … and since we were 100% successful in thwarting their wanderings, they quickly gave up.  The alarm was still set every night during that child’s stay in our home, mind you, but their roaming stopped.  As you parents know, RAD children thrive on causing as much havoc as possible — and once you eliminate that option, they abandon it. 

I only recommend that people invest in three products on this planet.  The Bible (NASB version preferred; Study Bible even better), the Accountable Kids system for chores, and Mr. Chime’s “Wandering Alert” alarm .  We did not realize just how beneficial the investment in the Mr Chime alarms were until we were able to resume deep sleep after several stressful weeks of failed alarm products.  I bought my first Mr. Chime alarm seven years ago and the bugger is still working today.  We’ve added individual elements to the original receiver and they are easily programmed to our specifications and choices.   Really amazing product and superb customer service.  I wholeheartedly recommend that each of you invest a nominal amount of money in a product that will truly give you peace of mind and keep you and your child(ren) safe!  You’ll thank me for it 😉