Okay, so we haven’t even started our first intensive here much less agreed to do more in the future … but I have had sooooo many people begging to come.  One of the things we’ll need to discuss in the coming weeks is how much NEED there is for Nancy Thomas and her clinical director James Dumesnil to spend more time here on the East Coast ministering to broken families.  Mind you, Nancy may decide she’s had enough of us after living with us for two weeks.  That’s a lot to ask of anyone!  We do, after all, have four children living at home (ages 5, 7, 8 and 18), me, my husband and my dad, not to mention Nancy, James and the two respite providers we’ve hired for the Intensive.  Eleven people under one roof, many of whom have never met.  If you are part of a family (or know of one) who would seriously consider spending a week working one-on-one with Nancy and James to try and reclaim your child and heal your family — please contact me ASAP so I can have these details in hand to discuss with Nancy and James about future ventures.