We have long bemoaned the fact that there are only five attachment therapists in the entire State of Georgia, at least two of whom do not accept insurance. That sad fact has only be exacerbated by seeing how states like Texas and Colorado have strong alliances working to serve families in need.

    I was preparing to complete my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education in December of 2011 and wondering why I chose that path, as I do not envision myself ever teaching in the school system. I figured God would be able to use it in our ministry, maybe to oversee academic progress of children whose families have to come here for long-term services.

    Apparently, He had a different plan. Earlier this week, I learned that a master’s degree is not necessarily an extension of your undergraduate degree. I also learned that my alma mater has a graduate program in professional counseling … and that it has an instructor who specializes in attachment and post traumatic stress. I applied for the program yesterday, hoping to focus on those areas. This morning, I was accepted into the program.

    God seems to be lining things up nicely for me to begin this next chapter in my life. I am delighted at the prospect of becoming an attachment therapist that can do “more” than what we’ve been able to offer thus far. For the first time, I am really excited about what I will be able to DO with my degree once I graduate. Our last obstacle is how to fund the classes (about $20,000). We are praying about that…