Yesterday, my husband and I traveled to the Atlanta airport to pick up a child who will be staying with us for Motivational Respite for the next five weeks. Traffic was thick and the airport bustled with more activity than either of us has ever seen. But what struck us most, as we sat and awaited the plane’s arrival in a gate FULL of people ready to board the incoming plane for its next destination, was how horribly the people were detached from everyone around them. Of the 250-300 people in our immediate gate waiting area, only THREE were not using some sort of electronic device. “Rectangles”, as they were so aptly called at Dr. Karyn Purvis’ Empowered to Connect conference a few months ago. One person was ready a real paperback book; another doodled in an activity pad. A third slept. Without exception, every single other person we saw was intensely wrapped up in something that helped them tune out the rest of the world. So disturbing. America is under attack, in the name of “technology” … and we are sleeping. Families are being destroyed by “rectangles” and we need to stand up and say ENOUGH!