The upcoming week-long “Intensive” programs are scheduled for 03/03/12-03/10/12 and 03/12/12-03/19/12. These programs are limited to only three families each week, each of whom will receive upwards of 3-4 hours of one-on-one, individualized counseling every day for a solid week! This year, we are blessed to have two separate attachment therapists (one for each week): James Dumesnil and Deborah Hage. Both are highly respected in the attachment field. We have worked with James over the past year and regard him as an invaluable resource for the families we serve; he has been extremely effective! Deborah is a welcome addition and we are grateful for the opportunity to expand our network.

    Registration for the Nancy Thomas seminar is open and filling up. We’ve got a slew of special education teachers coming from all across the State of Georgia, to my delight. This year, we reduced the parent/support person registrations by 8-20% from last year. In addition, a kind benefactor has offered to donate funds to reduce teacher and professional registrations by 10%. We have received fewer parents are registered thus far; and more professionals from out of state.

    Although the title of the seminar suggests that the focus is solely on children with attachment issues, it really is powerful presentation that will apply to most of the adults in attendance, in one way or another. In fact, many parents exacerbate their children’s behaviors (“healthy” or not) by their own parenting strategies … and some of those are rooted in underlying attachment issues and influenced by the parents’ own traumatic stress experiences.

    The master’s program in professional counseling has begun! My first textbook is one written by Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). It is the first textbook I have really enjoyed reading and it aligns with all of my personal beliefs on the subject of soul-care from a Christian perspective. Yesterday, on my second day of classes, I joined AACC as a student.

    We are currently looking for a therapist who is trained and skilled in EMDR within 120 mile radius of our facility at the GA/TN/NC border (ranges to Atlanta GA, Chattanooga TN, Asheville NC). If you are or can recommend one, please contact us!