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And then there were four …

Erin delivered two lovely little doelings (girls) tonight at 9:40 and 9:46 p.m.  One of them even has a heart-shape on her left side.  Well, almost.  Erin milked out a full quart of colostrum.  One more yet to kid.

The most wonderful things!

Just 26 hours after delivering her boys, my favorite doe, Savannah, STILL gave us an extra quart of milk — and her boys are drinking machines.  They were up last night to eat at 12:30, 1:30, and 4:00.  When they cried for more at 7:00, I brought them out to the barn (rather than milking Savannah and bottle-feeding Cosmo and Galaxy) and left them with her.  She was delighted.  It takes a special doe to “share” her kids with us.  We bottle-feed because it imprints the kids onto humans and results in a calmer, gentler creature who is very comfortable around people and learns good boundaries and manners.  Some of my most favorite things are fresh, raw milk, children who delight in God’s creation, well-bonded does who allow me to help care for their kids, sweet bahs of newborn kids (yes, even at 1:30 and 4:00 a.m.!) … and spotted goats.  I can see the spots emerging; I cannot wait to see what they look like next week!

Photos of new kids

Cosmo taking a nap (with the white splash).  And Galaxy is already bonded to my daughters.  The photos show the progression … he laid down next to 8-year old Anneliese, stood up when his momma came around to sniff him, nuzzled Anneliese when his momma started to nudge him, and climbed in Anneliese’s lap when his momma started to lick him.  (The last photo shows Anneliese’s delight!)   Savannah, is my favorite doe and she is a fabulous momma.  But it is also important that our goat kids imprint on people, too, so that they learn to be calm and mannerly around even young children.  Our bucks grow up to weigh as much as 350 pounds and an ill-tempered, ill-mannered one is especially dangerous!

… we were blessed with two new baby goats.  Both boys from our star milker, Savannah.  They are sleeping on a towel in a basket on my kitchen floor, fat and happy and warm.  Photos to come soon — after I knock out some school work first 😉